• General Track - 1st Prize

    Best hack of General Track

    Galaxy Tabs, Topo Backpacks, Hydroflasks Tumblers
  • General Track - 2nd Prize

    2nd best hack of General Track

    Beats Wireless, Y-Pack Backpacks, Spotify Gift Cards
  • General Track - 3rd Prize

    3rd best hack of General Track

    Hard Drives, Cord Organizes, Light Pack Backpacks
  • Best Beginner Hack

    Your team is eligible if more than half of your team is a first-timer during HackCU V.

    Echo Dot / teammate
  • Best Social Impact Hack

    Awarded to the hack with the best social impact

    3 month Audible subscriptions Rocketbooks
  • Best Empowering Underrepresented People in Tech

    Awarded to the best hack that empowers an underrepresented group of people in the tech field.

    Backpacks, Dotted notebooks, Portable chargers
  • Best Sustainability hack

    Awarded to the hack with the best appeal to sustainability

    Hydroflasks, Reusable straws
  • Best All Beginner Hack

    Awarded to the best hack created by a team of first-time hackers

    Cracking the Coding Interview, Portable Chargers
  • Best UX/UI Hack

    Awarded to the hack with the best UX/UI

    Rocketbooks, Design of Everyday Things
  • Most RANDOM Hack

    Awarded to the most random hack. Go bananas!

    Github T-Shirts, Hammocks, Exploding Kittens

Sponsored Prizes

  • Wolfram Alpha hack

    Awarded to the hack with the best use of Wolfram Alpha's products.


    For everyone: Wolfram Alpha One for 30 days for ALL hackers | For the winner: Wolfram Alpha One and Wolfram Pro subscriptions for one year

  • Best Use of Adobe XD

    Use Adobe XD in any of the HackCU categories, showcasing your ideas best digital design solution and user experience! Questions? Contact us at the #Adobe - HackCU slack channel

    Adobe Creative Cloud | 1- Year License | for each team member. Winners will have the opportunity to demo their solutions to Adobe professionals.
  • Most Creative Usage of Twitter API

    This prize aims to see how students can most creatively use Twitter. Winners will get a TwitterDev blunt umbrella.

    TwitterDev Blunt Umbrella. Winners will have the opportunity to demo their projects in the @TwitterBoulder office.
  • Dish Network Challenge

    Create a system to incentivize students to anonymously share a data value. Examples are mobile usage data, test scores or any other data set. Judging criteria - innovative use of technology, business value and impact, completeness of implementation, and clarity of presentation. Bonus points for use of zero knowledge technology!

    $50 Sling gift card for each team member.
  • Best Use of TapWithUS SDK

    Use TapWithUs SDKs to build a custom integration and control any device. Showcase your ideas, app or solution demonstrating a customized user experience! Details: here Questions? Contact us at the #TapWithUs - HackCU slack channel


    1st prize - Tap Strap For each team member | 2nd Prize - Tap Hat for each team member | 3rd prize - Tap t shirt for each team member. Winning hack will have the opportunity to be featured on all of our social channels and promoted to Tappers worldwide.

  • MLH: Best Use of Google Cloud

    Build your hackathon project with a suite of secure storage, powerful compute, and integrated data analytics products provided by Google Cloud. See full list of products here: Each winning team member will receive a Google Home Mini.

    Google Home Mini
  • MLH: Best Domain Registered with provides all the domain services you need from registration to hosting to SSL certificates and beyond. Each hacker will receive a FREE domain name and year of domain privacy from for their project this weekend!

    Award: Backpacks
  • MLH: Best UiPath Automation Hack

    Build an automation hack using UiPath! Each winning team member will receive a UiPath/MLH Branded Backpack and an opportunity to interview for a UiPath Internship in 2020 with high recommendation!

    Skip the internship line with UiPath and a UiPath/MLH Branded Backpack
  • MLH: Best use of MongoDB Atlas

    Create a hack using MongoDB Atlas to host a database in the cloud! Automate the provisioning and deployment process with ease, while focusing all your efforts on your hack. Projects built using MongoDB Atlas will be eligible to win an AirCharge Plus.

    Branded MongoDB AirCharge Plus