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  • Intro to UI/UX
    by Kevin Cook

    Learn about how to design great user interfaces and user experience.

  • API 101
    by Nicolas Grenié

    Learn how to use APIs for your project from scratch.

  • How to pitch your project
    by Kyle Judah

    Wondering what's the best way to pitch your project and make sure people understand its value as it is? Join to learn more on product pitching, elevator pitch and more.

  • Query APIs and Databases with a single querying language
    by Alex Walling

    In this workshop we'll be using an open source querying language to learn how to querying multiple data sources such as databases and APIs. Data sources can be joined together [through merges or chained requests] into one simple query to combine and enrich data. As a maintainer of this open source technology, I'll also be diving into what it's like to work on open source and tips on making your first pull request.

  • How to find a Tech Job/Internship
    by Alex Lacey

    Looking for an internship in a big tech company? Listen to Alex experience as a Facebook intern and now a full-time Microsoft manager.

  • Building with the Decentralised Web
    by Scott Street

    Learn to build decentralised apps using IPFS and the Ethereum blockchain

  • Intro to git/GitHub
    by Abdulhakim Ajetunmobi

    Learn more about git and how to use it to make your project successful.

  • Neutral Vehicle: Simulated Car Hacking
    by Cyber Security Club and CU TCP

    Hack this simulated vehicle to win the challenge.

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Side events

  • !Light

    Sharpen your frontend development skills with this activity, where you’ll be recreating a website in HTML/CSS using our code editor - all without previewing your code along the way.

  • Slideshare karaoke

    Practice public speaking skills with a fun activity. Presenters are given a random slide deck and must deliver an improvised speech to their audience!

  • Women in Tech Panel/ Fireside Chat

    Join us for this panel with leaders of the sector talking about the future of technology

  • Amateur radio station KØH

    KØH is a special event amateur radio station commemorating the HackCU V hackathon. KØH is intended to introduce HackCU participants and visitors to the world of amateur radio.

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  • The Joy of MS Painting

    Unleash your inner artist in this chill activity where we will be using the amazing, incredible, ultra-accurate Microsoft Paint to create a great artwork. Winners will have their artwork featured in a t-shirt.

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  • Hackathon Organizers Meetup

    Join us to discuss and talk about the future of hackathons in the US and to help with tips to organize better hackathons.

  • Face masks

    Relax a bit and catch your breath with this amazing face masks. Perfect for energizing before the night.