Check out the schedule to know when all these workshops and more are happening!


  • Adobe Workshop
    by Adobe

    Learn about great ux/ui with a workshop from Adobe.

  • Data Science
    by Sriram Sankaranarayanan

    Learn about data science basics, from the ground up.

  • How to Work the Industry 101
    by Tahmina, Aren, Kevin, Apara

    How can you put yourself in a great position for a job?

  • Ted Talk on Design
    by Matt Bethancourt

    Learn about how to focus on design elements for any of your work.

  • Intro to Git/Github
    by Kyle Pfromer

    Learn about one of the pinnacles of computer science.

  • Building a Chrome Extension
    by Dhruv Patel

    Maximize your web browser with this workshop.

  • DevOps
    by Parth Adroja

    Hands on session on building CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins.

  • VS Code Workshop
    by Matt Strong

    A interactive overview of one of the great text editors.

  • MLH Capture the Flag
    by Mackenzie Lobato

    A fun cybersecurity game

Side Events

  • !Light

    Sharpen your frontend development skills with this activity, where you’ll be recreating a website in HTML/CSS using our code editor - all without previewing your code along the way.

  • MLH Werewolf

    One of MLH's workshops.

  • Women in Tech Panel/ Fireside Chat'

    Join us for this panel with leaders of the sector talking about the future of technology

  • Collectibles Exhange

    Exchange Collectibles.

  • The Joy of MS Painting

    Unleash your inner artist in this chill activity where we will be using the amazing, incredible, ultra-accurate Microsoft Paint to create a great artwork. Winners will have their artwork featured in a t-shirt.

  • Paper Airplane Contest

    This contest will see who can fly the highest of them all!

  • Matt's Morning Run

    Start your day off right with a sunrise run.

  • Face masks

    Relax a bit and catch your breath with this amazing face masks. Perfect for energizing before the night.